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Good People

Know Good People.

While our talent is finding yours within Asia Pacific and the US, our comprehensive hiring approach enables professionals to accelerate performance and carry their organizational objectives forward.



Things Happen.

For more than 15 years, we have focused on quality expertise and have gone strength to strength through our network. Today, our Elliot & Partners recruitment experts operate from a central location covering Asia Pacific and the U.S.

We are more than just about filling the gap. We listen, we examine and we understand our Clients' and Candidates' overall purpose, pain points and the cultural integration of a Western and a local mindset in which it enables us to 'think global, act local.'


Professionals trust us to help generate intrinsic value to shareholders and to demonstrate that good people do know good people.


Trustworthy. Integrity. Authenticity. Qualitative. Transparency.

These values sit at the very core of everything we do to help our Clients and Candidates meet their professional goals & objectives. They are just a few key words used to describe who we are and how we operate on a daily basis. 

Do count on us to be those things and more, with every engagement.

Unique Selling Proposition

How can you be confident that we have what it takes to get the job done? Because we have 'been there, done that' with first-hand industry experience, functional expertise, combined with a successful track record in recruitment through adult-to-adult partnerships with leaders across all business lines.

We pride ourselves in speed, quality and consultative transparency.



Every assignment is unique, and rightfully so. Whether you are looking for the next high potential Candidate or someone who is a bit more senior with high EQ, an influencer and a premium storyteller who's very articulate in front of senior stakeholders, then we can help. 


We offer three simple talent-based solutions in permanent recruitment where we can tailor each service to your liking. Let us know your engagement preference and we will make it happen.



For the recruitment of permanent positions, this approach might be your most robust solution or economically sound based on your needs, and we would definitely understand why. Either way, we can help.

Our objective here is to represent the most ideal Candidates available in the marketplace faster than any other channels.



Is your search urgent? Is it confidential? Is it business critical? Well then let's discuss about a retainer and how it can benefit your business requirements.

We do this efficiently by doing more than just delivering your 'A-Z' requirements, but also with a full-scale mapping exercise, leadership assessment tools and other aspects on a granular level.


Meetup Event

Looking to add multiple headcounts to your team(s)? Whether the number is 5, 10 or 25, let us help you as the exclusive search partner to tailor a program that works for you so you can focus on other tasks at hand.



With placements at start-up boutiques, SMEs, to blue-chip Fortune 500 multi-national companies, we have the experience teaming up with a diverse range of clientele.

Given our demonstrative know-how, the mission is to be the go-to talent solutions provider in the following disciplines:


  • Accounting, Finance & Operations

  • Buy-Side/Investment Management

  • Clinical/Preclin, CMC and R&D

  • Crypto/FinTech and IT

  • E2E Supply Chain (i.e. Procurement, Quality, Logistics, Engineering and Manufacturing)

  • Risk Management, Legal & Compliance

  • Strategy (i.e. Biz Dev, IR, Alliance Mgmt)


Get In Touch

For any general enquiries please contact us at:

T: +852 3611 2147



Elliot & Partners Limited

Level 19, Two International Finance Centre

8 Finance Street

Central, Hong Kong

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